Madhom Sreedharan Namboothiri

Ayurveda- The science of life- Ancient Indian Civilisation's invaluable gift to humanity. For Charaka, one of those who nurtured Ayurveda into the comprehensive system of medicine that it is today, healthcare was at once a science and an art essential for leading a long and contented life. Sreedhary, having its base in Kurichithanam in the South Indian state of Kerala, is one of the few instituitions which still holds fast to the rich Ayurvedic tradition. The time tested prescription for a wide variety of aliments which form part of the rich fund of knowledge , that is Ayurveda, is the basis on which this house of healthcare has been built. Sreedhary was founded eight decades ago(in 1932) by the renowned medical practitioner and scholar of his time, the late Madhom Sreedharan Namboothiri. It is today, one of the most important names to reckon within the area of traditional healthcare and manufacture of ayurvedic medicines.

Sreedhary Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturing unit which manufactures all classical Ayurvedic medicine with some very effective proprietary products. We have Trade Mark registration for SREEDHARY. It is the prestigious thing that our hair oil, Sreedhary Hair Tonic is the first Hair tonic Of Kerala state.

Sreedhary has taken yet another major step toward with the establishment of rejuvenative health care center, Sreedhary Ayurvedic Center in the sylvan environment (Kurichithanam), which is a typical Kerala village with full of greenery. Here, Sreedhary concentrates the treatment for all major ailments especially for chronic Rheumatic disorders. There is a constant attempt of reinforcing the curative potential treatment of Panchakarma and Yoga. Relaxation treatments or Sukha Chikitsa and Detoxification treatments are the other major areas focussedhere, in Sreedhary. This full-fledged Ayurvedic Hospital with a homely atmosphere is a last refuge / asylum for many chronic patients from India and abroad.

Daivavyapasraya chikitsa (Invoking the grace of god) is the spiritual healing methods supporting ayurvedic treatments.Here, healing is closely related to cosmic energy. Every individual has a core centre, which is Divine. The vibrations, good or bad, which one receives from the inner as well as the outer environments, are all received and processed in this core. The blessings that one receives too add to this same area of one's existence. A blessing is a benevolent intention and causes a movement in prana. When it arises in a calm and content mind, this movement of prana is very forceful. Ayurveda has recommended faith in the divine as a cure for many diseases. Devotion, prayers, invoking blessings, vows, worships, fasts, penance and chanting - all these bring about healing. Sreedhary practising this division of ayurveda effectively and the results are beyond amazing.

Daivavyapasraya chikitsa includes,

  • Incantation(mantras,Prayers)
  • Certain divine herbs
  • Gems(ratnas)
  • Rituals(mangala)
  • Oblation(Bali)
  • Offerings(Uphahara)
  • Sacrifice(Homa)
  • Ceremonial Penitence (Praayaschitta)
  • Fasting(Upavaasa)
  • Prostration(Pranipata)
  • Pilgrimages(Gamana)
  • Vows(Niyama)








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