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Sreedhary Pharmaceuticals

This is the manufacturing unit which manufactures all classical Ayurvedic medicine with some very effective proprietary products with trade mark registration as SREEDHARY. It is the prestigious thing that our Hair Tonic, Sreedhary Hair Tonic is the first Hair Tonic of Kerala state.

General Medicines

Sreedhary has more than 350 medicine licenses and is currently manufacturing on a small scale for their customers. Our manufacturing facility is spread over more than one acre and located at Kurichithanam with all necessary licenses.

Proprietary Products of Sreedhary Pharmaceuticals

Sreedhary was focussed on Research and development from the very first day of its inception. With our constant efforts and research, we had made our own proprietary medicines for various health issues.

Sreedhary Hair Tonic

Sreedhary Hair Tonic is a trademark of Sreedhary and the first hair tonic of Kerala. Sreedhary Hair Tonic offers chillness to the head, evading hair fall, dandruff and premature greying. Sreedhary hair tonic stimulates the luxuriant growth of tresses in women and prevents the thinning scalp and premature balding in men and also prevents dandruff and strengthens the roots.


Sreedhary Hair Tonic is a medicated hair oil with a cooling effect. It can be used before and after a bath. The application of this oil on the head before bath will stimulate the nerve endings and the entire nervous system will get cooled and automatically induces good sleep without any sedative. Sreedhary Hair Tonic is a boon to the people of tropical countries because it insulates the head from the stress and strain of summer heat.


Kamakalpam is another trademarked product from Sreedhary for increasing the sperm count and enhance the sexual power of men. Kamakalpam is an effective Ayurvedic aphrodisiac with no side effects meant to generate stimulus and vigour. Herbal ingredients in this peculiar medicinal blend are Dates, Ashwagandha, Sesame, Cow ghee, Long pepper and Black gram proposed by the masterminds of ancient Ayurveda for Vajikarana- the aphrodisiac therapy in Ayurveda.


Kamakalpam is one of the oldest ayurvedic product for infertility and for enhancing sexual power of men. It can help in increasing the sperm count with natural ingrediants without any side effects. This particular medicine has been a proven solution for many sexual problems and for enhancing the vigor and vitality of men.


This is another proprietary product for increasing the vigour and vitality of a person. The famous patent product, Drakshalavangam contains water-soluble extracts of Grapes, Thwak, Elaa, Pathram, Nagapushpam, Priyangu, Maricham, and Pippali. It is a good Restorative, Cardiac Tonic, Appetizer and digestive. Mild Laxative, alternative in Convalescence.


Drakshavalangam helps in increasing the energy level and theirby increasing the vigor and vitality of a person. This product is available for both adults and children in two different flavours. Drakshalavangam also helps in increasing the metabolic rates and theirby reducing the fats in human body and increases the energy level and enthusiasms.


Tejus is a ayurvedic liquid oral preparation that will normalizes the acid production of the stomach by the powerful normalizing effect of the resiniferous exudates of asafoetida on the Oxyntic cells in the stomach which generates the acid. Tejus stabilizes the peristaltic action of the intestine and ensures proper movement of the bowels.


Tejus is very effective in gastro intestinal problems that is found in majority of people. The extracts of Garlic, Ginger, Pepper etc., correct the digestive metabolism in the stomach and ensure natural and normal digestion. Tejus is a very effective formulation in the treatment of Hyperacidity, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, Epigastric pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gastrointestinal disturbances.


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