A Long Legacy of Nourishing Beautiful Hair

Sreedhary Hair Tonic, which is regarded as Kerala's first hair tonic not only helps to reduce hair fall and premature greying but also promotes the growth of dense hair. It is also ideal for keeping away dandruff, lice, itching sensations and other scalp-related disorders.

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Purely made from herbal and ayurvedic ingredients

Sreedhary Hair Tonic has been developed from a highly potent ayurvedic formula obtained by Madom Sreedharan Nampoodiri from age-old palm leaf inscriptions. He was the founder of Sreedhary Vaidyashala and one among the leading Ayurveda practitioners and gifted poet of last century.

Order and Usage

Since the hair tonic contains natural ingredients, when kept still for an extended time some color changes may appear. This is not at all a change in intrinsic quality. Keep it away from direct sunshine. Sreedhary hair tonic is sold in Amazon through Indhukanthi marketing private Ltd.

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Sreedhary Hair Tonic is a trademark of Sreedhary and the first hair tonic of Kerala. It stimulates the luxuriant growth of tresses in women and prevents the thinning scalp and premature balding in men and also prevents dandruff and strengthens the roots.

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